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December #185

Top 10 news

  • Cinema, music and scenic arts, in the rise

    Exports from the creative industries have increased since 2015, with the country improving the number of products from sectors related with the... Read more

  • U.S. Government agency to finance private projects in Guatemala

    Ryan Brennan, vice president of the Overseas Private Investment Corporation, announced a portfolio of USD 400 million for grant mortgages and retail... Read more

  • Dependents on the SEM Generation

    It is crucial to create migratory laws that will protect individuals from unfavorable situations, at the same time, granting them a chance to remain... Read more

  • Costa Rica, a global pioneer in Sustainable Tourism

    The Sustainable Hotel & Tourism Investment Conference took place in Costa Rica, which has long worked to develop a tourism that respects people... Read more

  • Financial system strengthened

    The Uruguayan financial market finds itself in a period of solid development, soundness, high liquidity, and strong performance, in line with the... Read more

  • Panama and China lay the foundations for a new stage of their relationship

    President Juan Carlos Varela made his first state visit to China and adopted 20 documents to strengthen diplomatic, economic, commercial, tourism... Read more

  • Drug Substance Interaction and Generic Substance Information Retrieval

    The United States Patent and Trademark Office published patent number 9,836,582, titled Drug Substance Interaction and Generic Substance Information... Read more

  • A commitment is signed to grant GI to the longaniza of Chillán

    The government of Chile and several organizations and producers from the city of Chillán signed an agreement for the recognition of the longaniza... Read more

  • El Salvador joined the 10 top improvers for Doing Business

    For the first time El Salvador, India, Malawi, Nigeria and Thailand joined the 10 top improvers of Doing Business, the World Bank Group flagship... Read more

  • Investigative Police seized counterfeited discs in Iquique

    Following a search warrant, the Criminal Investigation Bureau of the Investigative Police seized more than 12,000 units which infringed Law No. 17.336... Read more