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September #143

Top 10 news

  • A trademark to promote our country

    A ‘’country’’ trademark is a value option that certain jurisdictions have chosen; it positions them and helps close the gap of a country in... Read more

  • Nike will install a logistic center in Honduras

    After a Honduran delegation trip to Denmark last May, Nike has decided to install its logistic center in San Pedro Sula, specifically in Calpules. Read more

  • Smuggling in the Guatemalan food market

    As a cause of the illegal entry into the country of products such as rice, fats and oils, Guatemala annually looses USD 8.75 million. Read more

  • New law to combat piracy already underway

    The Department of Intellectual Property presented the draft law that will give legal validity to the Interagency Commission to Combat Piracy and... Read more

  • Nicaragua, set to be Central America´s leading mining country

    Nicaragua, which hosted in August the II International Mining Congress, seeks to establish itself as the leading mining country of Central America. Read more

  • Uruguay opens up to the Pacific Alliance

    Uruguay seeks to advance in what regards its bilateral trade agreements, as it continues to pursue treaties between the Mercosur and other blocs as... Read more

  • XXI International Book Fair of La Paz

    The XXI International Book Fair of La Paz took place from September 7 to 18, on an edition dedicated to the 400th anniversary of the death of Miguel... Read more

  • Guatemalan Expo promotes business opportunities internationally

    The Guatemalan Exporters Association organized an event designed to promote competitiveness and expand business opportunities for the manufacturing... Read more

  • Internet connection grows in Nicaragua

    According to a report published by Cepal, Nicaragua ranks as one of Latin America´s economies with higher growth rates in Internet connection... Read more

  • Argentina taking steps into the Pacific Alliance

    Argentinian president Mauricio Macri has taken the first steps towards guiding the country into the Pacific Alliance, the Latin American trade bloc... Read more