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October #178

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  • We are going to Russia!

    For the first time in history Panamanians will enjoy the excitement of watching our national team in the FIFA World Cup. However, in this euphoria... Read more

  • Brands are allowed to use designations of origin that are still not formally recognized

    A resolution allows the use of appellations of origin and geographical indications in labels of wines and wine-based spirits while they still are... Read more

  • Food company Harinera del Valle protects its trademark Natura

    To protect the trademark of its butter Natura, tne of the main food producers in Colombia opposed the application of the trademark Back to Nature... Read more

  • Peru presents in APEC a virtual platform for protecting traditional knowledge

    The Peruvian IP Office presented the country as a leader in protecting indigenous peoples' collective knowledge during the hosting of Asia-Pacific... Read more

  • ¿Why and what for, will the WYD 2019 take place in Panama?

    The 2019 World Youth Day represents an opportunity for Panama to show itself to the world as the great connection and, together with Central America... Read more

  • Specialized training on software registration

    At the University of San Andrés, the National Intellectual Property Service carried out specialized training on software registration in the... Read more

  • Illegal streaming websites are blocked

    In a major achievement that reflects authorities efforts against Internet piracy, three people were arrested for managing websites for illegal... Read more

  • Costa Rica, the second most competitive economy of Latin America and the Caribbean

    The World Economic Forum presented its Global Competitiveness Report 2017–2018, positioning Costa Rica as the second most competitive economy in the... Read more

  • Apadepi: know our new web!

    Intellectual Property is constantly evolving and we want to position the Panamanian Association of Intellectual Property Law as a main reference in... Read more

  • South Korea visits Nicaragua to explore investments

    Businessmen and government officials from South Korea will visit Nicaragua from October 16 to 28 to discuss aquaculture, technology transfers and... Read more