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December #150

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  • Institute of Public Health bans more than 150 fake medicines

    The Institute of Public Health banned more than 150 fake medicines after establishing neither of them was original and were promoting fake... Read more

  • First edition of the Departmental Innovation Index for Colombia

    Bogotá, Antoquia, Santander, Cundinamarca and Caldas lead the first edition of the Departmental Innovation Index for Colombia.
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  • CAFTA-DR, a blessing for exports

    Thanks to the Dominican Republic-Central America Free Trade Agreement, since 2010 textile exports increased an 19%: from USD 1.148 million to 1.592... Read more

  • INTA will open Representative Office in Santiago

    The International Trademark Association announced that it will open in Santiago, Chile, its first Latin America Representative Office in Santiago... Read more

  • Intellectual Property Registry organizes Subregional Workshop on Copyright

    The Ministry of Economy of Guatemala and the World Intellectual Property Organization organized a Subregional Workshop on Copyright and Related Rights... Read more

  • Latin America’s best airport is in Uruguay

    Carrasco International Airport, in Uruguay’s capital city of Montevideo, has been ranked as the top terminal for overall airport experience in the... Read more

  • Nicaragua, everyday growing call center hub

    US-based Quality Contact Centers (QC2), an outsourced services provider, announced that it will open a new call center in Nicaragua. Read more

  • National Tourism Map

    Nicaragua launched a touristic interactive website that offers visitors a complete destination agenda, with multimedia versions of each department... Read more

  • No deception at all: Bolivian film industry on the rise

    "Deception at first sight" is a Bolivian film released on September 8, 2016, that has been acclaimed both nationally and regionally. Read more

  • Government goes for millionaire infrastructure investment

    The government of Nicaragua plans to develop in the next five years 33 major infrastructure projects worth nearly USD 5,000 million.
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