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May #347

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  • A golden opportunity to beef up foreign investment in Nicaragua

    The German Chamber of Industry and Commerce and the Latin America Association carried out in Berlin the 16th edition of the Latin America Initiative... Read more

  • Argentina creates Priority Patent Examination program

    According to the National Institute of Industrial Property, it will result in the acceleration and early access of the substantive... Read more

  • Orange Economy specialist praises Honduras development on the matter

    President Juan Orlando Hernández met with Felipe Buitrago, adviser of the Government of Colombia, to discuss the development in the country of the... Read more

  • Meet the Salvadoran Monopoly, the hottest game app of the country

    Guanapolio is the most downloaded game app in El Salvador, an economy cultured themed game that originally resembled legendary board game Monopoly. Read more

  • BKM Berkemeyer participates in the legal structuring of USD 433 million infrastructure project

    BKM Berkemeyer advised a national consortium for the execution of a corridor that will connect the Pacific with the Atlantic Ocean.  Read more

  • Digital Signature Law regulated by Decree

    On March 11, 2019, Decree No. 182/2019 was published in the Official Gazette of Argentina, regulating Digital Signature Law No. 25,506 to further... Read more

  • El Salvador cancels Taiwan's agreement in close up to China

    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs admitted that the opening of diplomatic relations with China conditioned the country’s cancellation of previous... Read more

  • Government and industry looking to improve plastic recycling in Honduras

    The Secretariat for Economic Development and the Association of Plastics Manufacturer negotiate future agreements on the matter.
      Read more

  • Bolivia, a step closer to achieving the quinoa's AO in Europe

    Since 2013, the producers of quinoa from the Bolivian Plateau seek to achieve its recognition as an appellation of origin from the World... Read more

  • Uruguay: the best place for business

    Pepsico, BASF, Trafigura, Sony, UPM, Roche, Danone and Renault are some of the companies that have chosen the country to  centralize their... Read more