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June #350

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  • Innovative card game

    On April 16, 2019 the United States Patent and Trademark Office published patent number 10258866, titled Innovative Card Game prosecuted by Ferraiuoli... Read more

  • Vera Abogados participated in the 36th edition of EXPOCOMER

    EXPOCOMER is a multisectoral trade exhibition which focuses on five main categories: food and beverages, textiles and accessories, construction... Read more

  • Protecting Indigenous languages

    Bolivia celebrated the World Book and Copyright Day, with global authorities highlighting their willingness to support local communities in... Read more

  • Guns N’ Roses takes brewery to court

    The American rock band sued a Colorado brewery claiming its infringing its trademark by producing, promoting and marketing a beer called Guns' N... Read more

  • Peru and LaLiga sign agreement to decrease soccer piracy

    The first division of Spanish soccer, will give Indecopi a license for the temporary and non-exclusive use of a software called Lumiere, one of... Read more

  • Bolivia advances in trade agreement with the EU

    The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Diego Pary, expressed his optimism on the progress being made to reach a commercial agreement between with the... Read more

  • Costa Rica proceeds towards a government space agency

    Promoting space research, innovation and development are the main goals of a draft Law for the creation of the Costa Rican Space Agency. Read more

  • A trademark to feel proud of being Honduran

    The Honduras Country Brand announced the seven winners of a photography contest aimed at showcasing some of the country’s top touristic... Read more

  • Nicaragua's traditional foods on their way to international protection

    The Minister of Development, Industry and Trade will present a proposal to the WIPO to register as appellation of origin four of the country’s... Read more

  • Portal & Asociados organizes training session with customs, prosecutors and police personnel

    Along with React, global network fighting the trade in counterfeits, the Salvadoran firm looks to improve protection of intellectual property across... Read more