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Who owns the trademark Maradona?

By Estudio Chaloupka - 18/12/2020

Diego Armando Maradona, one of the greatest football players of all time, passed away at the age of 60 on November 25, 2020, after suffering a heart attack in Buenos Aires, Argentina. His death has shattered a country who adored him and left behind a complicated inheritance dispute between his ex wife, ex girlfriend, three daughters, two sons, seven brothers and sisters, several nephews and friends and even at least one 19 year old man who claims to be an unrecognized son.

The Argentinian legend left no will and his family and friends, divided and with several internal disputes that come from a long way ago, are preparing for a tough legal battle.

During a 24 year player and coaching career Maradona created a fortune that has no official records, just estimations, and includes bank accounts, real estate, investments, jewelry, luxury cars and even a tank, assets distributed in Argentina, Belarus, Italy, Mexico, Spain and the United Arab Emirates, among other countries. Nevertheless, such fortune has been diminished over the years because of Maradona’s many personal, health and financial problems.

But maybe Maradona’s most important assets are not material: his name and image are recognized worldwide and present a huge economic value for whoever owns those intellectual property rights.

It has been revealed that Sattvica SA, a company established in June 2015 by Maradona’s last lawyer, Matías Morla, owns the trademarks "El 10", "Maradona", "Diegol", "La Mano de Dios" and "El Diego", among other similar brands of the former footballer.

"The purpose of the company is to dedicate itself on its own account and/or that of third parties and/or associated with third parties either in the country or abroad to the following activities: acquire, possess, request, obtain, buy, assign, transfer, license, franchise, grant use of licenses, register and acquire trademarks, or in any other way have trademarks, notices and trade names, copyrights, patents for invention and processes, industrial models and designs, utility models, know-how, domain names on the internet and other intangible assets related to intellectual and industrial property, as well as their licenses," stated the Official Gazette of the Buenos Aires Province in 2015.

Morla, a controversial figure highly criticized by Maradona’s family because of its role in Maradona’s health issues during the last years of his life, became the footballers best friend back in 2010, after representing him in several legal cases. Now 41 years old, Morla is the main holder of the rights of Maradona's trademark and the courts are expected to study the case to find out what kind of documents the footballer signed and to what extent he delivered those rights. 

By Estudio Chaloupka - 18/12/2020
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