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Bolivia participates in management course of IP Offices

By Orpan - 15/01/2020
Bolivia participates in management course of IP Offices

Technical personnel from Bolivia’s IP Office (Senapi) participated throughout December in a general patent training course organized by the Japan Patent Office (JPO).

The course aimed to deepen the understanding of productive procedures by exploring the best practices for the management of Intellectual Property, comparing the entire flow of the processes and work from 19 Intellectual Property offices, including four from Latin America: Bolivia, Ecuador, Paraguay and Uruguay.

Among the activities programmed by the course was the visit to one of the companies that submit more patent applications per year in Japan, as Japan is among the countries with the highest global number of patent applications: the JPO submitted 249,554 patent applications in 2018.

According to the JPO, the Japanese society has evolved from the hunting society to agriculture, to the industrial era, to the information society and is now in an era of a “super smart society" in which intangible properties count for 69% of total properties. 

By Orpan - 15/01/2020
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