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Investment plan for flag carrier airline

By Orpan - 02/04/2020
Investment plan for flag carrier airline

The Bolivian government announced an investment plan in the state-owned airline Bolivia de Aviación (BoA), in response to union complaints of alleged mismanagement and growing economic difficulties of that company.

Arias added that the amount of the government investment in BoA will depend on whether the company continues to use only aircraft from the US factory Boeing or decides to also operate European company Airbus.

According to the Minister of Public Works, Iván Arias, BoA continues to control 80% of Bolivian air services "and will continue to dominate the national market."

Boliviana de Aviación, often referred to as simply BoA, is the flag carrier airline of Bolivia and is wholly owned by the country's government. It was established in October 2007 and began operations in March 2009.

By Orpan - 02/04/2020
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