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By Orpan - 29/07/2020

On July 1, 2020, Bolivia officialy launch its Agency for the Promotion of Exports, Tourism and Investment Attraction -PROEXPORT BOLIVIA- an historical milestone that has long been requested by the business sector.

"The agency seeks to diversify and deepen foreign trade in Bolivia," said the country’s Chancellor, Karen Longaric. “Exports are one of the engines of growth for the economy, generating foreign exchange and sources of employment. Through this new tool for doing business and taking advantage of international market opportunities, the importance for Bolivia is not only how much we export but what we export,” Longaric added.

Longaric explained that PROEXPORT BOLIVIA will complement and strengthen the external network of Bolivian embassies and consulates. It looks to positively project the image of Bolivia throughout the world to promote tourism, national products and services with high added value that can attract investment opportunities.

The agency is formed by four areas:

-Business Intelligence, with the objective to generate timely, reliable and updated information on topics related to foreign trade, market profiles, sector profiles, logistical aspects, requirements and market access regulations, among others.

-Export Supply, a database which identifies products and services according to international markets trends.

-Export Promotion, the implementation of commercial promotion programs in direct relation with the commercial offices abroad, focusing on fairs and business rounds.

-Export Training, which aims to strengthen the knowledge and information capacities of exporting companies, providing them with tools and elements of differentiation for their incursion, development, digitization and consolidation in their internationalization process. 

By Orpan - 29/07/2020
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