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Dannemann Siemsen receives international recognition and expands into Latin America

By Danneman Siemsen - 07/11/2019
Dannemann Siemsen receives international recognition and expands into Latin America

AB InBev, the world leader in the beverage and beer market, has awarded Dannemann Siemsen the “AB InBev IP Award”, which is the award for the best global service provider of brand protection. Dannemann Siemsen is responsible for AB InBev’s trademarks in the entire world. The only Brazilian intellectual property office responsible for the global account of a multinational company of this size, with over 15,000 trademarks under its responsibility. The award ceremony will take place on 14 November, at a dinner in Brussels, headquarters of the multinational.

And talking about global markets, Dannemann Siemsen is expanding its area of operation. It has recently opened the Dannemann Siemsen Latin America office in Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay.

By Danneman Siemsen - 07/11/2019
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