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AEM Law Firm protects Novartis "Freshlook" brand

By Aguayo, Ecclefield & Martínez (AEM Law Firm) - 02/08/2017
AEM Law Firm protects Novartis

Aguayo, Ecclefield & Martínez carried out in Santiago de Chile downtown a joint procedure with the Investigations Police and the Regional Ministerial Secretariat (Seremi) of Health of the Metropolitan Region, where they found 10,842 cosmetic contact lenses for sale and stored under poor sanitary conditions.

The lenses, branded under Novartis "Freshlook" brand, were sold at less than half of its legal market price and without all necessary health and commercial guarantees, therefore infringing several Intellectual Property regulations and posing a huge risk to the health of consumers.

In the procedure a person of Chilean nationality was arrested and fined for commercializing different cosmetic contact lenses and saline solutions, not labeled in Spanish, stored in inadequate hygienic conditions and imported without documents of origin nor authorizations from Seremi.

All products were seized for their destruction and banned from any type of future sales.

By Aguayo, Ecclefield & Martínez (AEM Law Firm) - 02/08/2017
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