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Kylie vs Kylie, indie designers and Fashion Law

Kylie vs Kylie, indie designers and Fashion Law

By Cristina Mora, Eproint - 15/03/2017

Some legal cases, disrespectfully referred as "banal", actually represent multi-million dollar industries that are inmerse in our lives. Hence the need to learn more about them. Read more

Eproint opens in Belize

Eproint opens in Belize

By Eproint - 16/11/2016

Eproint, one of the leader IP firms in Latin America with offices in Costa Rica, Honduras, the Dominican Republic and the Cayman Islands, has been established in Belize. Read more

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With 15 years of expertise and over 61 years of combined professional knowledge, we embrace an international IP Firm composed of specialized attorneys with an impressive reputation for quality and approachability.

Based in San Jose, Costa Rica and with offices in several other jurisdictions, our team offers local and international IP advice to clients from around the world, with a particular emphasis on the Caribbean, Central-America and South American IP law.

Our approach is a fresh and direct one. We are a small boutique style IP firm with large clients. We are young, proactive and ambitious professionals, and this gives us an invaluable perspective that allows us to approach and prevent our clients from facing legal disputes.

At Eproint each client is unique and each response is as unique to each situation that arises, requiring our best effort because we understand that businesses often face diverse issues. This is where we work with you to turn negative experiences into positive ones.

We have been privileged in representing the business of many well-known companies, companies that are in turn shaping this company, our lives and futures through their creativity and vision.

Despite our success, we don't get carried away as we know we are only as good as our last job and this requires constant improvement in practice and processes. Eproint remains focused on providing an expert, personal, efficient and cost effective service to all businesses who want to grow and succeed in their sector.
 In the beginning our mission was to defend small bonsai type businesses against mighty Giant Sequoias. We’ve come a long way since then and pride ourselves in having helped and represented hundreds of businesses nationally and on an international level. We are behind our clients 100% and we assure you that if you are a company with ambition we can help you fulfill it.