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Costa Rica passes law for the creation of its Space Agency

By IDeas trademarks & patents - 29/03/2021

On February 18, 2021, the Costa Rican Congress approved the law to create the Costa Rica Space Agency (AEC, for its Spanish acronym), created with the purpose of promoting space as a tool of development in the country, and as the counterpart for potential cooperation with other space nations. It will investigate issues related to meteorological activities, environmental monitoring, telecommunications management, geographic location, medical diagnosis, energy development and other related disciplines.

The AEC will be a non-state public entity financed through donations and the surpluses of other public institutions. During the period of 5 years from the entry into force of the law, it will receive a contribution from the institutions of the non-financial public sector excluding the central government, local governments, the Costa Rican Social Security Fund, the Costa Rican Electricity Institute, and the National Technical University. It will generate its own income resulting from the sale of the agency’s portfolio of products and services; and loans, donations, bequests, and other contributions made by natural, legal, public, private, national or foreign persons, in accordance with the laws that regulate the matter.

The AEC will be located in the city of Liberia, Guanacaste, 134 miles northwest of the national capital, San José. There, scientists will conduct research and explore technological innovations in the field.

By IDeas trademarks & patents - 29/03/2021
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