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Costa Rican Postal Service encourages the development of SMEs

By IDeas trademarks & patents - 24/09/2018

Pymexpress is a new action promoted by Costa Rica’s Postal Service (Correos de Costa Rica) to support local small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), delivering their direct sales throughout the nation with a 20 per cent discount on the value of freight for buyers.

“In a world where e-commerce has become the way to sell nearly at any industry, Pymexpress provides a solution for the distribution of SMEs online sales at a national level, using the logistics platform of our postal service. This is really a very interesting and fabulous idea”, said to La Nación newspaper Edna Camacho, coordinator of the government economic team and in charge of the program.

The initiative was implemented with a pilot program in June as part of the government's strategy to reactivate the economy through four areas of action, one of which is a strong and steady support for SMEs. Since then, about 1,500 SMEs have already used the service, with nearly 20,000 packages send monthly through Pymexpress.

By IDeas trademarks & patents - 24/09/2018
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