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Panasonic expanding Costa Rica operation

By IDeas trademarks & patents - 09/03/2021

Japanese multinational Panasonic announced on March 2, 2021, that it will invest USD 10 million in the expansion of its plant in Costa Rica, in order to move a production line from Asia.

In Costa Rica, the company will add AAA battery manufacturing to produce 55 million units per year and the expansion of the existing AA battery line, which would increase capacity by 200%

“The investment of the parent company in Costa Rica responds to the transfer of one of the company’s operations in Asia and whose main market was the United States. Our experience of more than 50 years serving countries in Latin America and the Caribbean, local human resources, social and economic stability, and the facilities that Costa Rica offers in logistics, were the key factors for the corporate to assign us the new production,” said Ronald León, General Manager of Panasonic Centroamericana.

Panasonic has been active in Costa Rica for more than 50 years. Now it operates Costa Rica's first factory powered entirely by renewable energy. Thanks to a joint venture with the national government and state-run electric company, Panasonic and the country of Costa Rica are making great strides in reducing their environmental burden to reach their goals of net-zero CO2 emissions by 2050.

By IDeas trademarks & patents - 09/03/2021
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