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Connecting El Salvador businesses with relevant US interagency partners

By Eproint - 08/06/2021
Connecting El Salvador businesses with relevant US interagency partners

United States announced a Call to Action for businesses and social enterprises to make commitments to help send a signal of hope to the people of the Northern Triangle and sustainably address the root causes of migration by promoting economic opportunity. 

The focus areas will include:

Reform Agenda: Commitments to support greater transparency, predictability, and stability in the business enabling environment by facilitating regional government efforts to adopt international best practices in licensing, permitting, procurement, regulation, and taxation.

Digital and Financial Inclusion: Commitments to expand affordable internet access and participation in the digital economy; facilitate access to financial technologies and capital for small businesses, particularly women- and indigenous-owned businesses; and ensure that the most vulnerable and the most likely to migrate have access to basic public services and financial institutions.

Food Security and Climate-smart Agriculture: Commitments to combat food shortages by increasing agricultural productivity and crop resilience.

Climate Adaptation and Clean Energy: Commitments to support the region’s resilience to climate change through adaptation and mitigation efforts; support industries impacted by climate change; and transition to clean energy.

Education and Workforce Development: Commitments to expand job-training programs; support greater access to technical and secondary education; and create higher paying formal sector jobs, especially for women and in rural areas.

Public Health Access: Commitments to support regional governments in addressing the impact of COVID-19 on their populations; build robust and resilient health economies to confront future health challenges; support access to clean water and sanitation; and ensure inclusive access to healthcare. 

The State Department will manage follow-up to this Call to Action, which will involve connecting businesses with relevant U.S. interagency partners, coordinating private sector partners with strategic and high-impact initiatives and offering feedback on potential private sector initiatives.

By Eproint - 08/06/2021
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