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El Salvador interconnects IP system with movable guarantees and commercial registry

By Portal & Asociados - 01/09/2020

Through information and communication technologies, El Salvador will interconnect its Intellectual Property system with other public platforms to help the development of competitiveness, productivity and efficiency in the country.

“Said connection brings a direct benefit to the user, facilitating the filling of electronic forms when dealing with guarantees, commercial registries, social participation in partnerships and intellectual property rights,” the National Center of Registries (CNR) stated in a press release.

Specifically, the program establishes a common ground work between the Intellectual Property Registry, the Movable Guarantees Registry and the Commercial Registry, which will allow for the following benefits:

-Helps the user to fill out electronic forms.
-Provides greater veracity and legal security to all procedures.
-Integrity and accuracy of the information in public databases.
-Automatically validates the necessary information when filling out the electronic form for trademark, patent, utility model, industrial design and copyright applications.
-Manages in an efficient, modern and automatic manner the notification alerts to the Intellectual Property Registry in the event that a trademark, patent, utility model, industrial design or copyright have been used for a movable guarantee.
-Validates the information provided by legal representatives. 

By Portal & Asociados - 01/09/2020
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