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Funding boost to crack down on Illegal Wildlife

By Mayora IP - 26/08/2020

Protected species across the globe have been given a boost as the British government announces funding for new projects from the Illegal Wildlife Trade (IWT) Challenge Fund.

The fund has allocated more than £399,000 to strengthening law enforcement in protected areas in Guatemala to reduce the poaching of valuable hardwood species and fauna. 

The three-year project (2020-2023) will tackle increased poaching of valuable hardwood species and fauna, which is affecting Guatemala’s Maya Biosphere Reserve (Peten).

Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) will implement the project in collaboration with Asociación Balam, ACOFOP, CECON/USAC, Foro de Justicia Ambiental de Petén, FUNDAECO, CONAP and the Public Prosecutor’s Office in Guatemala.

The project implementers and authorities will work together to:

-Strengthen patrolling/law enforcement in frontier protected areas.
-Increase awareness about IWT.
-Propel effective legal frameworks.
-Advance sustainable livelihoods in Guatemalan and Mexican communities.
-Consolidate a binational network for long-term collaboration.

By Mayora IP - 26/08/2020
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