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Policy promotion for science, technology and innovation

By Mayora IP - 22/03/2019
Policy promotion for science, technology and innovation

The government of Guatemala will allocate USD 2 million to promote science, technology and innovation in the country during 2019. "We had a meeting with public and private institutions to explain them how our financing lines will work, and therefore better distribute the resources”, said Óscar Cóbar, head of the National Secretariat of Science and Technology (Senacyt). A meeting was also held at the Mexican Embassy in Guatemala to establish alliances with international cooperation agencies.

"We were very clear that our vision for the country is that education, science, technology and innovation are the fundamental axes for development”, said Cóbar.

The Senacyt currently has several financing lines for scholarship programs, specially to complement those elements that private scholarships do not cover, such as applied research, equipment, entrepreneurship, innovation and technology transfer and intellectual property.

By Mayora IP - 22/03/2019
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