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Intellectual Property weekend in Honduras

By Bufete Mejía & Asociados - 12/05/2021
Intellectual Property weekend in Honduras

On April 23 and April 26, 2021, the Mejía Initiative for the Promotion and Protection of Intellectual Property carried out an Intellectual Property weekend within the framework of the World Intellectual Property Day.

The event was broadcast live on Zoom and Facebook Live and featured three lectures focused on small and medium-sized enterprises, which took center stage at this year’s celebration of the World Intellectual Property Day.

-Graphic design and visual creativity workshop, led by graphic designer Juan Guillermo Recarte.
-The franchise model, by Daniel López Ynestroza and David Rivera Sikaffy.
-Collective Trademarks, by lawyer Ricardo Mejía, managing partner at Bufete Mejía & Asociados.

Mr. Recarte talked about his work as an illustrator and graphic designer, usually creating his own companies, with logo designs and t-shirts production among his many endeavors. Showcasing his many creations, Mr. Recarte stated the importance of brands in the current socio-economic context and left an important message. “A new brand does not need to be something completely original and never seen before, but something functional to the market in which it operates. A brand needs to be authentic, not original,” he said summoning the similar logos of Vodafone, Target, Beats, Bebo and Pinterest.

Mr. López Ynestroza and Mr. Rivera Sikaffy discussed the franchise model, explaining that
franchises are proven and accepted businesses worldwide which can represent a window of opportunity for those who want to invest in a profitable business and minimize risks. Both talked about their own experiences on the field through Franquician, a marketplace to buy and sell franchises in Honduras and Central America, and encouraged people to develop their own or third party brands.

With his many years of experience in the IP industry and the work with trademarks, Mr. Mejía closed the activity remembering a human story about development and overcoming, “closely related to being an Honduran”. He explained the collective trademarks as a symbol of human and social growth, linking the historical bonds between creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship and intellectual property. From the early stages of basic agriculture until the current products and services which have the need to haul distinctiveness, veracity, trust, fidelity and certain unique values throug a brand. 

Mr. Mejía also highlighted the importance of following legal procedures to protect such assets as a competitive tool, as well as the importance of collective brands to favour common protection and strengthening social and economic progress in a country. 

You can watch the full event here.

By Bufete Mejía & Asociados - 12/05/2021
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