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Orange Economy specialist praises Honduras development on the matter

By Bufete Mejía - 24/04/2019
Orange Economy specialist praises Honduras development on the matter

The president of Honduras, Juan Orlando Hernández, met with the presidential adviser for Economic and Strategic Affairs of the Government of Colombia, Felipe Buitrago, to discuss the development in the country of the orange economy.

"Honduras is on the right track and is moving forward with the orange economy, we see clear examples such as the approval of the Film Law, increase of start-ups, more micro-credits for entrepreneurs, the constitution of tourist districts, the reform and modernization of the Intellectual Property Law, among other aspects”, said Buitrago in a press conference. "We are accompanying the government of Honduras in this effort. It is not a competition, it is creating a mutual society with”, he added.

Buitrago highlighted the recent approval of the Film Law as a great step fro Honduras in attracting investment, creativity, job creation and international positioning. In February 2019, the National Congress of Honduras approved the Cinematography Law, which looks to boost that national industry through the support of producers, directors and actors. The recently approved law merges two different projects presented by the Film Industry of Honduras and the Honduran Association of Filmmakers. 

The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) uses the term orange economy to describe the cultural and creative industries, which include activities such as architecture, audiovisual arts, digital services, fashion, graphic and industrial design, handcrafts, music, and software. In 2013 it release the book “The Orange Economy: An Infinite Opportunity”, written by Buitrago and current Colombian President Iván Duque.

By Bufete Mejía - 24/04/2019
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