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BC&B acquires the specialized firm Herrera Hazas y Asociados

By Becerril, Coca & Becerril, S.C. - 04/09/2018
BC&B acquires the specialized firm Herrera Hazas y Asociados

BC&B, a firm providing legal advice on Industrial Property, Copyright and Technology Licensing in Mexico and internationally since 1969, announces it has reached an agreement for the acquisition of Herrera Hazas y Asociados, a firm specializing in Civil and Commercial Litigation and Commercial Arbitration.

Through this acquisition, the company expects to grow by approximately 30% within the next five years. It also aims to enhance the expansion of its activities in the Mexican market, without minimizing its successful relationship with foreign clients.

"With this evolution, we will seek the growth and profitability of our clients with great enthusiasm. Herrera Hazas blends perfectly into the foundations of BC&B, allowing us to position ourselves as a leading law firm in Mexico in the medium term, providing comprehensive solutions to those who seek our services," said Enrique Caamaño Coca, Managing Director.

The incorporation of a group of litigation experts, who add to the talent in the firm, will allow BC&B to consolidate its position as a leading law firm. Consequently, Mr. Raúl Herrera Hazas, with his extensive experience in litigation and arbitration, joins BC&B as a Partner at the firm and takes the lead of the Civil and Commercial Litigation and Commercial Arbitration Department.

"The close collaboration in recent years between BC&B and Herrera Hazas provided the synergy necessary to bring the two together. Our clients will undoubtedly be the most benefited, since they will now find the best comprehensive solutions offered by the same company. The sum of our talents will allow us to strengthen our efforts, resulting in growth and development for all those with whom we work," said Raúl Herrera Hazas.  

By Becerril, Coca & Becerril, S.C. - 04/09/2018
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