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Pomegranate and the Ponche de Granada

By Nuria Becerril, Becerril, Coca &Becerril, S.C. - 24/12/2012
Pomegranate and the Ponche de Granada

Immersed in news about the latest patent litigations from the top level technologies in mobile devices, about the international treaties that will position the country to a better place in the global markets, about the counterfeited objects consignation of the week, we sometimes forget that there are also news that are focused in the positive growth and the development of entire communities.

This is the case with the community of Ciudad Guzmán, Jalisco in Mexico, who took the opportunity of a regional celebration to present their new collective mark “Derivados de la Granada del Sur de Jalisco” to the community in general. This presentation was in charge of the head of the municipality Abdel Israel Dávila del Toro.

The purpose of this collective trademark is to promote the identity of the pomegranate, a fruit that is very popular because of its very high antioxidant content, and to widen the market for the “ponche de granada” a very typical beverage of this town in Jalisco so its origin and quality are recognized as belonging to Cd. Guzmán.

With the registration of this trademark, the Cooperation of Producers for Pomegranate and its Derivatives possesses the property rights – instead of the Government, as in the case of a Denomination of Origin - , and it will be able to standardize and to establish criteria for quality, operation, manufacture, and packaging processes, in order to assure and to validate to the consumer that the product covered by this trademark , which is backed up by the Cooperation of Producers, stands in a well defined and standardized quality level, therefore rising the intrinsic value of pomegranate and of the “ponche de granada”.

With this example, we can see that other alternatives other than a Denomination of Origin exist to standardize quality criteria, to give identity, to recognize the origin of a product, and to benefit a whole group of producers members of an association.

Source: Redaccióninformativa del Sur de Jalisco, ‘Presentanmarcacolectiva “Derivados de la Granada del Sur de Jalisco”, Informativo del Sur de Jalisco, 3-dic-12, Web, 13-dic-12

By Nuria Becerril, Becerril, Coca &Becerril, S.C. - 24/12/2012
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