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ibex continues its growth as the largest BPO in Nicaragua

By Guy José Bendaña-Guerrero & Asociados - 17/11/2020

ibex, a leading provider of BPO services, announced the opening of its newest 500 seat site in Managua, Nicaragua. The new state-of-the-art and highly branded contact center, located in OfiPlaza, will provide over 800 new jobs and will be the home to a Fortune 5 client.

“Ibex is clearly recognized as the growth leader in the nearshore markets. Our best-in-class growth is a direct result of us winning premier clients who place their trust in us to enhance their brand,” said Bob Dechant, CEO of ibex.

“Our vision for the region, our nearshore site strategy and our proven performance for our clients is a significant differentiator,” continued Dechant. “The launch of OfiPlaza will further distance us from the competition in Nicaragua and the nearshore markets.”

Ibex will occupy the entire 50,000 square foot building in a stand-alone three-story building located in the downtown district of Managua. Employees will enjoy access to a highly modern infrastructure and extensive amenities which include large production floors, expanded learning centers, open collaboration areas and iconic ibex branding.

“The cultural alignment to the US, the bi-lingual language capabilities and the highly educated workforce continue to reinforce our decision to expand in this region,” continued Dechant.

Managua is located on the south shore of Lake Managua and the capital city of Nicaragua and the country’s largest city, home to one-sixth of the population. Managua is known as the national education center, with most of the nation's prestigious universities and higher education institutions based in the region. Nicaragua's higher education system consists of 48 universities and over 100 vocational and technical institutes which serve students in the areas of electronics, computer systems and sciences.

“We believe in Nicaragua and our domination has made a huge impact on our employees,” said Henry Ordonez, country manager and VP of operations. “We were named one of the best places to work in Central America by the Great Place to Work Institute and we are very proud of that designation,” continued Ordonez. “We are very pleased with the trust our clients place in ibex and in Nicaragua and we will continue to deliver exceptional, best-in-class service from this important region.”

By Guy José Bendaña-Guerrero & Asociados - 17/11/2020
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