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¿Why and what for, will the WYD 2019 take place in Panama?

By Alfaro, Ferrer & Ramirez - 11/10/2017
¿Why and what for, will the WYD 2019 take place in Panama?

Last August, during his visit to Colombia, His Holiness Pope Francis said: «I have chosen Panamá (…) to celebrate the World Youth Day in 2019 I am sure that in all youngsters´ hearts there is a hidden isthmus; in all our the youngsters´ hearts there is a small and elongated piece of land to go through to lead the to a future only known by God, and that belongs to Him (…) It is our turn to offer them new proposals to spark in them the courage to take the chance, together with God and make them, like the Virgin, available».      

When journalists asked Monsignor Jose Domingo Ulloa, Archbishop of Panama, why the challenge of organizing a World Youth Day (WYD) with all the logistics complications and the physical and intellectual exhaustion this responsibility implies was accepted, he answers «Because youngsters are the present and at the same time the hope for a better future. Without them, the change will not be possible. We need to listen to them».

During the WYD in 2019 we expect in Panama youngsters from the five continents, who, regardless of their beliefs, are searching for a path and have seen this opportunity in the WYD to share their hesitations, obtain answers to their questions and to have a vision of the world.

Those who add up to this effort, whether offering their homes as a rest place for the youngsters (pilgrims) or, providing money or needed home goods, will obtain something different in return: the investors, three to four times the amount they provide, and those who accommodate them at their homes (as hospitality), will obtain cultural experience and enrichment from youngsters who brought illusions, new experiences, freshness, who for sure will be missed when they leave.

70% of the WYD budget comes from every one of those pilgrims and volunteers who will enroll to come to Panama and participate in the WYD in 2019, since each on them needs to pay for their enrollment, meals, and transportation. The rest will be funded by all the Panamanians since the Government of Panama is only committed to comply with its role of providing the infrastructures, the safety, transportation, and emergency services for health and viability.

It should not put aside that one of the biggest beneficiaries is going to be the tourism and our country brand: Panama: The Great Connection since from previous experiences it is known that a pilgrim leaves in the WYD host country from 30 to 40 dollars per day, and later in the future one out of every four, returns as a tourist accompanied by family or friends.

In view of this fact, WYD represents an opportunity for Panama to show itself to the world as the great connection: bridge of the world, heart of the universe and, together with Central America meet again with the vocation of service, hospitality, strengthen social, economic, and ecclesiastic structures.  

Beyond the national objectives, the great value of the WYD seems to be the fact that the WYD is the ideal platform for all the youngsters who live in the –geographic and existential-   suburbs, to have the opportunity to discern about life, values and adopt steps together in order to change the course to self-destruction that so much affects the world.

See you in Panama! 


By Alfaro, Ferrer & Ramirez - 11/10/2017
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