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Full support of public institutions allow BKM to lead procedure against counterfeited cigarettes

By BKM | Berkemeyer - 08/05/2019
Full support of public institutions allow BKM to lead procedure against counterfeited cigarettes

Machines used to manufacture counterfeited cigarettes were seized after an Intellectual Property related lawsuit filed by BKM, legal representative in Paraguay of global leading tobacco company Philip Morris. The equipments, valued in USD 500,000, were located at a clandestine tobacco maker in Presidente Franco, a border port city located in the eastern sector of the country, along the Paraná River, which converges with the territories of Brazil (Foz do Iguaçu) and Argentina (Puerto Iguazú).

Federico Huttemann, BKM member with expertise in the Enforcement area, highlighted the joint work of public institutions such as the Public Prosecutor Office and the Department of Economic Crimes of the Alto Paraná Police. “The full support of public institutions allowed us to reach the final stages of the proceedings, concluding with the total destruction of the counterfeited products and of all the machines found inside the clandestine factory”, he said.

In the place they were found and seized several trucks and machines and counterfeited cigarettes from Philip Morris brands Marlboro, Us Mild, 51 Suave and Milenio. The Public Prosecutor Office ordered the detention of two Paraguayan people for crimes related to the infringement of Article 184 B of the penal code, Trademark Law No. 1294/98 and international treaties and agreements to which Paraguay must comply.

“We value the hard work of the Public Prosecutor, its officials and trademark experts, who did a great job until the destruction of the seized products and machinery. A tireless follow-up and intense intelligence work was conducted for quite some time to find the factory and the people working at it, and to know their movements”, Huttemann explained.  “It's important that the fight against this type of crimes is coordinated and above all is effective. As a country we must succeed in transmitting an image of security and seriousness so that international companies trust their investments here”, he added.  

By BKM | Berkemeyer - 08/05/2019
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