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As we mentioned in our last Article of May 27, 2020, currently there are two (2) ways of detecting a potential Cybersquatting Case. The first one, is through an appropriate Trademark Online Monitoring Service, and the second one by the fact of it.

The Trademark Online Monitoring Service, means a specific vigilance of a trademark as or inside of a domain name, including its multiple scenarios and/or conditions. As we also have mentioned in our previous Article of May 27, 2020, due to the 2013 DNS expansion, currently there are multiple -or we dare to even define it as infinite- possibilities and or combinations for a domain name, resulting in new Case scenarios, that a Trademark Owner, must be fully aware of in order to defeat such online abuse as Cybersquatting.

One of IPRs On-line line main purposes is to be able to support, through reasonable fees, those traditional IP Law Firms that doesn`t provide such kind of service. But Why? Because IPRs On-line was conceived to bring an easy, fast and time-cost effective solution to those traditional IP Law Firms who are interested in expanding the scope of protection of their Trademark Clients. On this regard, IPRs On-line is keen to create awareness about such specific field as Cybersquatting, due to its sophisticated legal experience and reliable knowledge.

If we take a look of the statistics, or the number of Cases filed at the leader Dispute Resolution Provider as the WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center (the WIPO Center), on 2019 a number of 3,693 cases under the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP) were filed, involving parties from 122 countries, where the top five were: the U.S.: 1,132 cases filed, France: 637 cases filed, U.K.: 343 cases filed, Switzerland: 250 cases filed and Germany: 216 cases filed.

According to the Complainant Country Filing (Ranking) of the WIPO Center, Brazil represents: 1.22%, Mexico: 0.87%, Colombia: 0.19%, Argentina: 0.17%, Chile: 0.15%, Venezuela: 0.07%, Panama: 0.06%; Peru: 0.06%, Costa Rica: 0.02%, Barbados: 0.02%, Dominican Republic: 0.02%, Guatemala: 0.01%, Ecuador: 0.00%, Honduras: 0.00%, Santa Lucia: 0.00%, therefore, it is easy to wonder: is it possible that a significant number of Stakeholders are not completely aware about such amazing solution? Or about the topic as such, as Cybersquatting? Specially, if we consider each country population, and the fact that 13% of the ccTLDs have adopted the UDRP and 17% use a Variant of the UDRP.

IPRs On-line was also conceived to work through Alliances Agreements with those traditional IP Law Firms that doesn`t offer such tailored service yet, meaning that we are ready to collaborate and/or to coordinate the solution for those potential Cybersquatting Cases found either through the Trademark Online Monitoring Service or for the Cases that are occurring.

Our collaboration may imply training through tailored webinars, specific consultations, and/or the filing and full Case Administration of a Case until its Decision, while the coordination implies the conduction from a single to multiple Cases from its beginning.

IPRs On-line was designed to provide a flexible, easy and successful experience for traditional IP Law Firms, who look to navigate into the digital ocean and stablish their own new order.

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