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SOYA token, a global stablecoin

By Estudio Chaloupka - 25/03/2021

Agrotoken, an Argentinian global platform for tokenization of agricultural commodities, has announced the launch of the first grain-backed cryptocurrency, SOYA.

By means of tokenization, which means converting real crops into digital assets, Agrotoken has created a stablecoin (which is a stable currency with parity in grains). That is, for each crypto soybean SOYA token there is a ton of real soy guarded in a supporting storage, and validated through the PoGR (Proof of Grain Reserves) making it transparent, secure, decentralized and auditable at all times, through the Ethereum blockchain management system.

This makes the SOYA token into a global stablecoin, a cryptoasset that has as a reference value the price of soy in the local market.

“We have created an ecosystem that digitizes the value of grains and simplifies transactions, savings and investment,” Agrotoken highlighted in a press release.

By Estudio Chaloupka - 25/03/2021
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