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Graphic element of a trademark is usually of greater importance when it’s figurative

By Vera Abogados - 28/06/2022

When making a trademark examination, it must be identified which element prevails, whether the verbal or the graphic, in order to determine which has the greatest influence on the consumer's mind.

The legal doctrine has tended to consider that, in general, the denominative element of a mixed trademark is usually the most characteristic or decisive, taking into account the expressive force of the words, letters and/or numbers, which by definition are pronounceable.

That does not prevent that in some cases the priority can be given to the graphic element, taking into account its size, color and placement, which at a given moment may be decisive. The graphic element is usually of greater importance when it is figurative or evocative of concepts, than when it consists simply of an abstract drawing. 

By Vera Abogados - 28/06/2022
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