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Spanish LaLiga showcase its anti-piracy strategy

By Mayora IP - 08/08/2022

Under the slogan “The protection of brands, sports and audiovisual rights in the digital environment”, the 26th edition of the Anti-Piracy Summit was held on July 13, 2022 in Guatemala City.

“One of the greatest challenges that exists in intellectual property is the protection of brands, products and audiovisual services, since they are counterfeited and illegally marketed on websites, marketplaces and apps without paying duties and taxes,” said Francisco Escutia, CEO of the Latin America Anti-Piracy & Intellectual Property Consulting (LAAPIP). “Guatemala has done an exceptional job. However, it is important to strengthen the regulatory framework, to generate legal and enforcement tools against illegal marketing in a digital environment that has no borders.”, he added.

The event, organized by LAAPIP and TTVNews, was sponsored the Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment (ACE) and had LaLiga as its main participant. Two of the event speakers were Carlos Del Campo, Deputy Director to the Presidency of LaLiga, and Juan Rotger, Global Content Protection Manager of LaLiga.

A global organisation based in Madrid, LaLiga is a private sports association composed of the 42 clubs and SADs (public limited sports companies) in Spain’s top two professional football divisions, responsible for the organization of these national competitions.

In 2017 LaLiga was recognized in Guatemala as a role model on account of its good governance, the reduction in the debt levels amongst its clubs and the sale of broadcasting rights. In the recent Anti-Piracy Summit, Carlos Del Campo and Juan Rotger talked about LaLiga direct responsibility for addressing anti-piracy and its sustained investment in technical and human resources, all of which is targeted at protecting the value of audiovisual rights.

According to TTVNews, the organization operates a five-star strategy that combines legal expertise, international collaborations, in-house technology development, communications campaigns and collecting evidence to process complaints.

Among its achievements, LaLiga helped to secure court orders that blocked access to 18 different web domains, affecting over 5.3 million users around the world. Complaints have also been filed against the operators of 25 IPTV websites. It also blocked over 900,000 illegal video streams during the 2019/20 season as well as over 375,000 videos on social media, while also deindexing over 80,000 illegal URLs. 

By Mayora IP - 08/08/2022
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